Friday, 20 December 2013

The Wardream of Yimir the Giant. Part One

Who are you, that walk across the graves of giants at this late hour? 
Brian Bates - The Way of Wyrd

The background and general scenario played out in this battle report may be read here:

Turn 1: 

The acorns release a volley of arrows into the stones causing 3 casualties.

The stones march slowly towards the Folktree.

Turn 2:


The chestnuts charge at the rocks, and the rocks counter-charge. No casualties emerge.
The Acorns march forward.
The Stones continue their attack, destroying 1 chestnut.

Turn 3:

The Acorns march forward and unleash a volley of arrows against the Flints, who suffer 3 casualties.
The Chestnuts and rocks jostle, and one chestnut is lost.

The flints march forward, resolute.

Turn 4:


The final Chestnut is destroyed by the Rocks, who then rush forward to take on the Acorn line, losing 2 of their number.

The Flints march on to meet their doom.

Turn 5:

The Acorns defeat the rocks, encircling the final stone.

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Turn 6:

The flints and the acorns clash head-to head.

Turn 7:


The flints continue to massacre the acorns, pushing them back, until none remain.

Turn 8:

Victory to the Children of the Stone! The stones encircle the Folktree.

File comment: The Folktree Encircled

End Chant

Hoof and Horn
Hoof and horn
All that dies shall be reborn
Corn and grain
Corn and grain
All that falls shall rise again

This battle report originally appeared on The Oldhammer Forum.

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