Friday, 20 December 2013

The Wardream of Yimir the Giant. Part One

Who are you, that walk across the graves of giants at this late hour? 
Brian Bates - The Way of Wyrd

The background and general scenario played out in this battle report may be read here:

Turn 1: 

The acorns release a volley of arrows into the stones causing 3 casualties.

The stones march slowly towards the Folktree.

Turn 2:


The chestnuts charge at the rocks, and the rocks counter-charge. No casualties emerge.
The Acorns march forward.
The Stones continue their attack, destroying 1 chestnut.

Turn 3:

The Acorns march forward and unleash a volley of arrows against the Flints, who suffer 3 casualties.
The Chestnuts and rocks jostle, and one chestnut is lost.

The flints march forward, resolute.

Turn 4:


The final Chestnut is destroyed by the Rocks, who then rush forward to take on the Acorn line, losing 2 of their number.

The Flints march on to meet their doom.

Turn 5:

The Acorns defeat the rocks, encircling the final stone.

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Turn 6:

The flints and the acorns clash head-to head.

Turn 7:


The flints continue to massacre the acorns, pushing them back, until none remain.

Turn 8:

Victory to the Children of the Stone! The stones encircle the Folktree.

File comment: The Folktree Encircled

End Chant

Hoof and Horn
Hoof and horn
All that dies shall be reborn
Corn and grain
Corn and grain
All that falls shall rise again

This battle report originally appeared on The Oldhammer Forum.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

People of the Stone, People of the Tree

This is a scenario for the 1st Edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battle, using the Forces of Fantasy supplement. The battle takes place between Gnomes (Children of the Stone) and Wood Elves (Children of the Seed).
It is the first battle in a campaign entitled The Dream of Yimir.


We are an old people.
We are a new people.
We are the same people,
Stronger then before

Under the deep soil of Albion's green hills the giant Yimir sleeps and dreams a dark mirror of the world above, which passes fleeting and unseen throughout the giants slumber. Yimir walked the Earth for long ages, before man awoke, before dwarves delved or elves sung. He spoke with trees, with stone, with root and soil, he carved mountains and planted forests. It is these things he knows in his mind and heart, and now he sleeps, it is these things that fill his wandering, people-less dreams.

This is one such dream, the first dream of Yimir,in his ageless sleep, the Folk of the Stones seek to kill an ancient Oak, whose deep roots threaten to crush destroy their home. The Folk of the Seed rise up against them to defend their sacred Folktree.

The Children of the Stone

Rock x66432213177778

Armour Save of 5+

Flint x123432213177776

Armour save of 5+

Objectives: Capture the Folktree.

File comment: Folk of the Stone

The Folk of the Seed

Acorn x844522161777712

No Armour

Acorns may use a ranged attack:

SR: 0-16"
LR: 16-32"
St: 3

Chestnut x48452216177776

No Armour

Objectives: Defend the Folktree.

File comment: Folk of the Seed

The Battlefield

The battle occurs in the subconscious mind of the sleeping giant Yimir.
The tree may be placed on one side of the table, behind the Folk of the Seed's deployment line.
The Children of the Stone may be deployed on the opposite side.

File comment: Battlefield

(This is Turn 1, but gives the general impression)

Special Rules

No psychology.
No reserve movements.
The dreams of giants are oft-times strange and simple affairs full of deep magic and the Earths turning.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Scenario 1: The Razing of Lockslay

This is a skirmish scenario for 2 players and a Referee. It is suggested that each player should not read the Command Sheet of the other player. This is especially important for the Norman player who may receive even greater advantage.

Before play begins the Lockslay player should decide which cottage is occupied by Aelric, and this should be  kept secret from the Norman player. Aelrics horse is located in the furthest cottage from the one he is in. The Childe Robyn starts on the north side of the river near the ferry, the villagers start in their houses.

Location: Lockslay Village

Lockslay village is a small settlement of 4 cottages, including a small blacksmiths forge and lays to the north of  the river Loxley which runs from the east to the west.

< map depicts a village of 5 cottages in a circle, a river on the south edge, woods to the north >

The River Locks takes 2 turns to cross by ferry.

Norman Command Sheet


Setting off before dawn, a 2 hour hard ride to this God-forsaken mud hole. A local ruffian has been stirring up trouble and you have it on good account that he is in the village. You've been ordered to bring him back to Knottingham dead or alive by any means necessary. The Sheriffs exact words were "Burn down the whole village! I don't care! Just bring me this bloody troublemaker.". You hate this miserable grey damp country and the miserable dirty peasants. You'd rather be off reclaiming the Holy Land, but the money is regular, and there is less chance of your head ending atop a Saracens spear. The one bit of good news is that your incompetent "captain" was too hung-over from last nights revelry's and declined to accompanied you so hopefully you can get the job done and get home before dinner.

Orders: Cross the river Locks by raft at daybreak, route out the traitor Alric, capture him and bring him to the Shire Reeve of Knottingham, by any means necessary.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld Int Cl Wp PV
5 Soldiers (Mounted) 4/8 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 7 7 7 7 13

Armed with Spears, Shield, Chain, on horseback, also carry Torches.

Save 5+

Anglo Saxon Command Sheet


A normal day, collecting turnips and making pottage. Perhaps someone will get around to fixing the broken cart. Used to a quiet life and have no interest in risking your life.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld Int Cl Wp PV
10 Cottagers 4 2 2 2 2 1 3 1 6 6 6 6 1.5

Armed with improvised Weapons To Hit -1, and savers receive +1 to their saving roll.

Cottagers must test for Panic at first sighting of the Soldiers, and test for Terror each time a Soldier sets fire to a cottage.

Goals: Stay alive, defend hearth and home, kith and kin.

Alric, Thegn of Loxley

You have been leading a rebellion against Norman rule, in recent times an old hermit in the woods to the north has been giving you strategic guidance and has spoken to you of the prophecy of the Hooded Man - a hero who will overthrow the oppressors. To the East (off map) stands Loxley Mill - home to a good family who have supported the local people with food in hard times. To the north is open heath where lays an ancient stone circle where you have hidden The Silver Arrow, an artefact the hermit has stated may one day be needed by the Hooded Man to overcome a great evil.  You are currently living in Loxley village with your son Robyn - a bright boy.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld Int Cl Wp PV
Aelric of Loxley 4/8 5 5 4 4 2 5 2 8 8 8 8 49

Leather Armour, Long Bow, Sword

Goals: Protect Childe Robyn.

Referees notes

Victory Points

Anglo Saxons
For every villager left alive: 10pts
Alric escapes: 20pts
Robyn dies: -100pts

Dead villager: 10pts
Burned buildings: 20pts
Captured Alric: +100pts

Monday, 19 August 2013

As the Crow Flies: A Statement of Intent

We use the phrase "as the crow flies" to speak of traveling in a straight line, in a direct route. I wonder if anyone who uses the phrase has taken the time to watch a flock of crows in flight as they bank and stoop, turn tail, dive and rest in their great wave, no straight line to be seen.

A more choice phrase may be "as the arrow flies" which should at least be straight in one dimension, the curve of it's flight being somewhat parabolic in the other.

Nonetheless, here in the deepwood, there are no straight paths. the old straight track is obscured, lost amidst the bracken and the brambles, guarded by line of birch and beech. 

The War of the Wildwood is something about a very specific idea about gaming, a place, a feel, something about history, time and place, it will takes leaves and branches from other stories, fable, myth folklore, there is a target, velocity, an arrow in flight.

Wes hál Wildeholt!