Monday, 19 August 2013

As the Crow Flies: A Statement of Intent

We use the phrase "as the crow flies" to speak of traveling in a straight line, in a direct route. I wonder if anyone who uses the phrase has taken the time to watch a flock of crows in flight as they bank and stoop, turn tail, dive and rest in their great wave, no straight line to be seen.

A more choice phrase may be "as the arrow flies" which should at least be straight in one dimension, the curve of it's flight being somewhat parabolic in the other.

Nonetheless, here in the deepwood, there are no straight paths. the old straight track is obscured, lost amidst the bracken and the brambles, guarded by line of birch and beech. 

The War of the Wildwood is something about a very specific idea about gaming, a place, a feel, something about history, time and place, it will takes leaves and branches from other stories, fable, myth folklore, there is a target, velocity, an arrow in flight.

Wes hál Wildeholt!

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  1. ... and I'll also be posting commentry on my own posts. This posts themselves will mostly be actual gaming content, and I plan to use the "comments" to split off the design rationale and other musings on that content. Not sure if this might dissuade other people from commenting themselves, we shall see.